A demo is too valuable to simply give away…

When you propose or do a demo on request – you throw away your #1 Ace card

The demo is the most powerful tool you have to set a deal up to win (and not because it shows your software in a good light)

Prospect’s and sellers love demos – but they’re a bit like chocolate. Instant gratification but the empty space is still there afterwards

This is my view on demos:

It’s one of our key ‘customer verifiers’ – that show buyer intent and readiness. Buyer’s love a demo so don’t give it away for free

Instead, build an event around it and enhance it. Request multiple stakeholders attend and propose using the demo as a catalyst to draw out requirements and run mutual discovery. Turn it into a 90 min or even longer session. Often I ask the prospect to present their project and I call them ‘Fit and Value Workshops’

If a prospect is real then they’ll see you as a consultative, customer centric advisor helping to guide consensus – and you’ll stand out. If they’re not real – then they’ll push back and you’ll know you still have work to do

This is a great way to verify your prospect and set yourself up as an equal – not a subservient terrier chasing the customer ball

It really does work – I’ve done it hundreds of times successfully  .. stay disciplined and happy selling!