Prospecting senior execs on Value

We all know we need quality pipeline – no news there!

That said, few of us are the pipeline machines we need to be – particularly as times get more uncertain

I’m a huge believer in quality over quantity – and that means I need to take control of my own prospecting and not rely on MQL’s from other sources..

This is something I often coach AE’s on – so I thought I’d share my approach. Its quite formulaic, repeatable and easy to do..

  1. Build a compelling value case .. Research, research, research!
    a. BUSINESS CHALLENGE. Research the target business for key business challenges your solution can impact
    b. KPI’S. Research your case studies to find relevant KPI’s your solution delivers
    c. VALUE. Research and apply those KPI’s to the prospect’s financial data and build possible value case
    d. VALUE STORY. Identify a relevant customer case study that provides credibility to your possible value case
  2. Construct a compelling value message
    a. SUBJECT LINE. Always try to trigger an emotion .. FOMO, curiosity, joy etc.
    b. RELEVANCE. A simple line .. Why I’m reaching out – tied to a researched business challenge
    c. OPPORTUNITY. Outline the opportunity in as few words as possible
    d. VALUE. State the value and highlight the KPI’s you used to calculate the value
    e. CREDIBILITY. Who’s done this that the prospect would know and achieved the value
    f. ACTION. Steps to move forward
  3. Engage with the prospect
    a. Identify multiple senior stakeholders and tailor the value message to their role (but don’t engage all at once)
    b. Recognise that prospecting is a process, not a one-time event
    c. Use multiple engagement/delivery methods .. email, LinkedIn, FedEx, video etc.
    d. Keep momentum, be persistent but not tiresome. It will take multiple touches to get a response.
    e. Make sure you have a good personal cadence i.e. regular times identified for prospecting