Where Sales and Marketing must quickly align

It’s almost impossible to recover if you drop the SDR to AE baton handover – yet it happens all the time. Quick illustration..

Acme Enterprise SaaS Co. receives an inbound lead and it’s assigned to Joe, an SDR in the Marketing team. The lead is from Sharon, a Finance VP at a $billion chemical company. She’s heard about Acme from a colleague and is interested to see more

Joe needs to set up 10 sales appointments in June

He calls Sharon and asks her to outline her situation. She tells him they’re considering an automation project and would like to know more. In particular she’d like a demo

Joe is excited and says he’ll set up a call with Mike, the AE in the region. He says there should be no problem with the demo and he’ll make sure Mike knows

Joe sets up the meeting and calls Mike to let him know more. Mike’s worried though. He hates it when there’s an expectation of a demo on the first call – but he wants to keep Joe happy because he’s a key source of leads and he knows SDR’s are measured on appointments

So he plans to go ahead with the call and he’ll explain to Sharon that he’ll need some more information about her business and her challenge before providing a demo at a later date

At the last minute Sharon invites her colleague, Saira to join the call with Mike

After introductions, Mike explains that he’s like to use the call to better understand Sharon and Saira’s situation and challenges – and delay the demo until he knows more

Sharon’s annoyed. She was expecting a demo and invited her colleague on that basis. She’s embarrassed and frustrated. She feels like she’s repeating herself

This is not uncommon. Marketing and Sales fail to align on process and expectations – and if there’s one single pain point that we need to fix urgently in B2B sales, then this is it

A powerful way to avoid this situation is by using an outcomes discovery approach that spans both SDR and Seller

For example, a platform like Cuvama empowers SDR’s to have a structured ‘expert’ conversation about possible value, KPI’s and outcomes with the prospect – matched to their specific industry and role

This would lead to a totally different type of call with Sharon. Instead of focusing on her request for a demo, the call would have qualified potential fit and value and set the right expectations for the next meeting. Sharon would have been impressed by Joe’s structured and knowledgeable discovery and been 10x more willing to be guided down the best evaluation path – including the best timing for a demo

Mike, the seller, would then be armed with all the discovery data in Salesforce that he needs to lead his first introductory call with Sharon – knowing that the fit and value potential was high, and planning the agenda and MAP accordingly

A great SDR engagement really will set the opportunity up for long success. In my experience its very hard to reverse a poor experience early in the cycle